Baking Soda Challenge

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Non-toxic personal care products

We all use some sort of deodorant (well at least I hope we do). Ever wonder if this daily application could be harming you?  Your skin is your largest organ.  Everything that is placed on your skin gets absorbed on contact.  Unfortunately most commercial deodorants are made up of a lengthy list of harmful chemicals that have been linked to various diseases including cancer .  Even some of the ‘natural’ or crystal deodorants out there contain aluminum, which is also on the list of things to avoid because of the possible link between Alzheimer’s disease and high levels of aluminum.  So what to do?  Our family has made the switch to baking soda, yes baking soda (you can actually find aluminum free baking soda at health stores or online).  It’s inexpensive and works better than any deodorant we have ever tried, and BEST of all, it’s non-toxic.  Just use a pinch of baking soda with a small amount of water to make a paste and apply.  Works wonderfully!!  And so I present you all with the Baking Soda Challenge.  Give it a try this week and let me know how wonderfully it worked for you 🙂

**Remember there is a cure for widespread diseases like cancer,  the best way to cure cancer is to try to prevent cancer as best we can.   If you like what you are reading help me spread the word by sharing my articles with your friends.  Follow me, Drug free pharmacist, on facebook**

–Hoda Elkassem, RPh, BSc Pharmacy, BSc Allied Health Sciences

  1. Manal says:

    Does it stain your clothes, by any chance?
    I did hear of this before but didn’t do it just because I had the crystal one.

    Since I like trying new things though, I will try it out this week and see how it goes!

  2. I’ve never had a problem with staining at all, it works wonderfully and definitely worth giving it a try! Love to hear how it goes 🙂

  3. EatingRaw says:

    How about eating at least 80% of fresh fruits and veggies daily with dairy free diet? There would be no smell with your perspiration!

  4. @EatingRaw: Thanks for sharing. That’s a very interesting concept. Is that something you have tried? I am all for a raw diet (however I do also see benefit in raw dairy) but I would definitely be interested in knowing if you are on such a diet and if this worked has for you. Thanks again for sharing.

    • EatingRaw says:

      Yes, I have been eating raw (about 90~100% raw) for more than two years. The benefits of eating raw is beyond having pleasant smell. It provides vibrant and energetic lifestyle in general. Please visit my website at to learn more.

      • That’s great, and you’re blog has some very good information as well, very well done. I think that eating raw foods is also key to optimal health. When you look at the stats, countries that eat raw foods and less processed foods have far less incidence of many of the popular diseases the west is dealing with this century. We should definitely learn a few things from them. This is a learning experience for us all, and as long as we are always moving forward in the right direction, we shall hopefully see positive results. So what is typical day or few day’s food for you and your family?

  5. Humza says:

    I know this may be biased since drugfreepharmacist is my wife, but…
    I always used to have a problem with my cloths staining when using antiperspirant and even deodorant, but I felt I didn’t have a choice because I would sweat a lot, especially when working out. I stopped using antiperspirant and moved to the crystal but that didn’t work at all (I would sneak some antiperspirant every once in awhile). I didn’t think that baking soda would work and was actually scared to try it; I didn’t want to smell. Not only does it work better than anything else I’ve used, it lasts days and doesn’t stain at all. I also used to have a problem with the underarms of my workout shirts smelling after a period of time, no matter how many times they were washed. Not a problem with baking soda. I also usually add a few drops of natural cologne (‘Itar or musk) to smell nice, but it works fine without. I’m totally sold on baking soda.

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