My first Giveaway!! Aluminum Free Baking Soda!!

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Non-toxic personal care products

A number of people have been asking me what type of baking soda I use.  I’m a fan of the Bob Red Mills Aluminum Free Baking Soda and that is what we have been using ever since we made the switch.  I contacted the company, and the friendly staff at Bob Red Mills are going to give 3 lucky Drug Free Pharmacist fans a package of aluminum free baking soda! If you are going to take the Baking Soda Challenge (see my previous post for details on the challenge) and would like a free package of aluminum free baking soda delivered to your doorstep please enter the contest by commenting on this facebook post.  Contest details will follow.

**Remember there is a cure for widespread diseases like cancer,  the best way to cure cancer is to  prevent cancer as best we can.   If you like what you are reading help me spread the word by sharing my articles with your friends.  Follow me, Drug free pharmacist, on facebook**

–Hoda Elkassem, RPh, BSc Pharmacy, BSc Allied Health Sciences

  1. Did I miss where to sign up for the contest? I have a VERY hard time getting Bob’s Aluminum Free baking soda – but I do know that the baking-soda-as-deodorant REALLY works so I’d LOVE a chance to sign up!

  2. bythemorninglight says:

    Enter me too please:)

  3. Jessica says:

    I’m a fan of Bob’s products.

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