Some things cannot be prevented….

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Life Lessons

When I decided to start Drug Free Pharmacist last month, my goal was, and still is, to educate the public on how to stay healthy and drug free.  As most of you who are following my blog are aware, I believe the key is prevention.  Avoiding every day toxins, nourishing our body by eating healthy foods, and using natural remedies etc, with the long term goal being prevention of widespread diseases such as cancer.  The ultimate goal of preventing such disease is to do our best to prevent what most of us fear: death.  The reason I haven’t posted anything recently is because my mind has been a blur.  Every time I sit to write I am at a loss of words, and not because I don’t have plenty to talk about when it comes to bettering our health (because believe me I have plenty to share), but instead because last week a young friend was tragically killed in a car accident.  Although his passing really does not pertain to Drug Free Pharmacist, I felt it necessary to reflect on his sudden death and life in general.  We can all do our best to prolong our lives by trying to be as healthy as possible and taking care of our bodies, but the reality is, no matter how healthy we are, when it is our time to go there is not a thing we can do about it.  Some things are just not preventable, death, unfortunately, is one of them.  I still strongly believe in the need to take care of our bodies, however I also believe that we should live our lives knowing that anything can happen at any given time.

Live today as though tomorrow may never come.

Be kind to the world around you, give generously without telling anyone what you gave, be good to your parents, love your spouses, play with your children, give gifts with no strings attached, smile at your neighbor, don’t hold grudges, make excuses, say I love you, say it again, and be thankful for every single breathe you are able to take.  My goal is still to help us all make sure that each of those breathes are good and healthy ones, but in the meantime let us live today and each day that follows as though it were our last-because we truly never know when our last will be.

**Remember there is a cure for widespread diseases like cancer,  the best way to cure cancer is to  prevent cancer as best we can.   If you like what you are reading help me spread the word by sharing my articles with your friends.  Follow me, Drug free pharmacist, on facebook**

–Hoda Elkassem, RPh, BSc Pharmacy, BSc Allied Health Sciences

  1. Maealthrti says:

    We are so on the same page. First of all, I, too, believe that we can be proactive with our health and take a preventative approach rather than wait unti we “break” and then try to fix it. I am especially passionate about getting the chemicals out of our lives. I aslo believe that we should live each day as if it were our last because, as you say, “because we truly never know when our last will be.”

    Thanks for this post!

  2. Marti says:

    I am sorry. There was a huge typo in my comment. My name is Marti

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