Best Moisturizer EVER!

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Natural Remedies

With the winter months upon us many are beginning to feel the unwanted results of of cold, dry weather.  I was recently asked what I recommend for dry skin.

Funny thing is, I almost always respond with the same answer when asked for a  “natural” or alternative remedy for any sort of skin ailment.  True, there are plenty of all natural or organic lotions on the market, ones that may even score well on (if you haven’t checked out this website yet, it’s a MUST, they categorize all skin/health care products according to their safety and/or level of harmfulness to the body).   However my all time favorite moisturizer is not normally found in your local drugstore, but instead can actually be found in your cupboard!


Not only does my favorite moisturizer work wonders on your skin, it can also:

-get rid of embarrassing dandruff when massaged into the scalp

-help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels

-increase your metabolism helping with weight loss

-treat eczema


So what is this miracle “drug”?

Coconut Oil.  That’s right, simple coconut oil is my all time favorite moisturizer and will do all of the above and more.  Remember, I won’t put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t eat (here’s a link to why) so coconut oil is the perfect answer to many, if not all, of your skin care needs.  It moisturizes like nothing I have ever seen before, keeping your skin unbelievably nourished and healthy.  Key point here is it’s healthy.  When using coconut oil for yourself or your children you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals seeping through your skin and causing your body damage.  It’s all natural and good for you!  There are plenty of brands of coconut oil out there, however, be sure to get one that is Organic and Extra Virgin.  Also,  remember I hate plastic (click here to find out why and here for a great article about toxic plastics from our friends at and so  it’s best to find one that comes in a glass jar.  Give it a try, and let us know what you think.  I’m certain that once you do you won’t go back to any other type of moisturizer!  Yes it’s that good!

**Remember there is a cure for widespread diseases like cancer,  the best way to cure cancer is to prevent cancer as best we can.   If you like what you are reading help me spread the word by sharing my articles with your friends.  Follow me, Drug free pharmacist, on facebook**

–Hoda Elkassem, RPh, BSc Pharmacy, BSc Allied Health Sciences

  1. thank you for reminding me!! I was just about to go out and get a new moisturizer b/c the winter is making my skin SO dry. I have coconut oil (in glass:))) so yay, I get something amazing and better than I would have found in the store and I get to save money – bonus!

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