Boycotting Organic!!

Posted: December 23, 2012 in Organic Food

ImageI am mad.  Very mad.  I make my kids green smoothies daily, juice fresh oranges and carrots regularly, I never use sugar, I dehydrate kale to make kale chips.  I do my best to fill their little bodies with what is good for them.  Yesterday was definitely an exception.  I personally handed my children a box full of MSG’s.  You know, that additive that tricks your body into thinking it’s not full so you will eat more.  The poison that companies like McDonalds are notorious for using. What??!  Yes you read correctly.  I gave my children MSG’s.  I don’t normally buy my children snacks like crackers, chips etc.  Even the organic ones often use ingredients I am not too fond of.  I stick with natural and healthy snacks, dried mangoes (my kids’ ultimate favorite) or cut-up apples, raisins etc.   We had a road trip yesterday and I stopped at the grocery store before we left.  I had a coupon for a free box of any Annie’s all natural product.  I have a hard time saying “No” to “Free” and so I thought I would pick up a box of crackers for my kids.  I have been wary of Annie’s for some time now, not all of their products are organic.  Their packaging is misleading, you have to look very carefully at their box to see if it is either “ORGANIC” or simply “ALL NATURAL” which really means nothing to me.  Items that are ALL NATURAL do not have to follow any strict regulations for their ingredients like being ORGANIC does.  Something deemed ALL NATURAL could be full of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) , high fructose corn syrup and many other poisoning ingredients.

Ok, back to the grocery store.  In a rush I skimmed through the Annie’s section quickly and grabbed the first box of ORGANIC cheese crackers I saw.  I broke a cardinal rule of mine in the process.  I didn’t read the ingredients.  I assumed ORGANIC was fine and threw the box in my shopping cart.

Fast forward 8 hours.  We took a road trip to Canada and I passed the box of crackers to my kids.  They were excited, since it is not something I normally buy for them.  They ate the entire box throughout the trip.  When we arrived to my mother’s home in Canada my husband unloaded the car,  Somehow the empty box of Annie’s ORGANIC crackers ended up on the kitchen counter.  I picked up the box and turned it to it’s side to read the ingredients.  Why I didn’t do that before is beyond me.  I was devastated.  Staring right back at me was YEAST EXTRACT.


Why am I complaining about that now too?  Wasn’t this article about how the crackers contained MSG’s?  Well, the beauty of the food industry is that the words MSG or monosodium glutamate does not have to actually appear on an ingredients list containing this poison.  There are many cleverly disguised names for the MSG’s that trick the consumer into thinking it is MSG free (see below).  Yeast Extract is one of them.  And so although I am not boycotting ORGANIC in general (that would be crazy), I am however officially boycotting Annie’s products.  A company that will sneak MSG’s into products they call ORGANIC will not be in my home.  Trust is huge with me.

I will leave you with a partial list of hidden names for MSG’s.  More can be found here:

Glutamic acid


Monosodium glutamate

Monopotassium glutamate

Calcium glutamate

Monoammonium glutamate

Magnesium glutamate

Natrium glutamate

Yeast extract

Anything “hydrolyzed”

Any “hydrolyzed protein”

Calcium caseinate,  Sodium caseinate

Yeast food, Yeast nutrient

Autolyzed yeast

Now that I have shared my mistake I hope that you will all learn from it.  Read, read and read some more before putting anything into your bodies!!

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Hoda Elkassem, Rph, BSc Pharmacy, BSc Allied Health Sciences.

  1. Amal Karim says:

    An inspiration u r Hoda Alkassem !!

  2. Sadie Ussery says:

    I love your blog…and your post here. We are starting a new adventure on clean eating. Hasn’t been easy…but think it will be well worth it.

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s not always easy to make changes to eating habits, but even small steps in the right direction will make a big difference in the end. Always remember, small pebbles make up a mountain 🙂

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